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How much is my van worth?

It can be very difficult to figure out how much your van is worth when selling it. Price estimates can be made by using websites like Parkers, Auto Trader and eBay, but even then it’s often a greater pain to work out the price that will actually mean you make the sale. A starting price that’s too high will postpone the sale of your van, but go low and you risk losing potential money. Alternatively, you can ask a dealer what they will offer for a part-exchange, but the valuation will usually be less than the van’s worth because they need to make a profit. At WeWantAnyVan, we have tried to make things simple for you to get an estimate of how much your van is worth.

Online Valuation

With our online free van valuation process, all you have to do is enter a few details about your vehicle to find out how much it is worth. First of all, enter your registration into the box on our website, this should provide us with the basic details about your van i.e. it’s age, make, model and engine size. All of these details will help us to calculate a price estimate that is as accurate as we can. For an even more accurate quote you can then enter extra details, like the remaining MOT and cosmetic condition of the van, by selecting ‘Refine Vehicle’ on the quote page. You can also specify any damage that the van has incurred, and tell us if it’s an insurance write-off.

Branch visit

Once you have been through our quick online valuation, you can arrange an appointment at your nearest branch. During your appointment, one of our friendly purchasing managers will vanry out a van inspection in order to check that the online description of your van is accurate, and ensure that you get the best quote. Our expert purchasing managers have years of experience valuing vans, and have access to the most up to date vehicle prices in the current market, so you don’t have to worry about haggling for the best price. We take into account all aspects of the van that we are presented with to obtain an accurate and individual valuation.

Increase how much your van is worth

There are a few things that can help to bring up the value of your vehicle. Here they are in a nutshell, or you can see our full guide to increasing your pre-sale value here:

  • Get it serviced - take your van to a professional to get it properly checked and serviced. Little changes could make a big difference to the value.
  • Check the essentials - little things like oil and water levels and electronics can all effect how much your van is worth.
  • Get it looking good - clean it and get it detailed professionally.
  • Get your records together - the more service history etc. you can show, the higher the chance of keeping your van’s value high
  • Any extras - things like spare keys and satnavs can help to bump up the quote too.
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