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When you have to sell your commercial vehicle or van it can be a challenge to determine your van valuation. It can be a time-consuming task to research used van prices online, in the newspapers' adverts and motor publications; which takes a lot of patience. Why not value your vehicle online using our free van valuation calculator. The process of getting van valuations has never been so easy with wewantanyvan.com!

Get your van valuation free online today

Are you wondering "who can value my van quickly?" Look no further, we've made it simple; just enter your vehicle's registration number into our free van valuation tool to get started. Tell us a bit more about your vehicle, such as mileage and previous owners and in a matter of seconds you will see your vehicle's value for no charge. The instant valuation you see on screen will also be emailed to you, so you can easily access it for later viewing. The process of valuing your vehicle online won't take more than three minutes which is much better than trying to figure out the van's value yourself.

How much is my van worth?

The value of your used van will depend on many different factors, such as age of the vehicle, mileage, condition and even the colour. If you own a white van, you will get more for it than if you were to own an orange one of the same model. Commercial vehicles in an excellent condition will benefit from higher valuations and so will the vehicles with lower mileage. On the other hand, selling a van with signwriting on will decrease its value due to the time needed to remove the sign from the vehicle. Furthermore, if your van has racking installed, this will affect its value as well. Depending on the quality and type of racking installed - this could increase or decrease the value of the van.

White van

Value my van

You may find yourself asking "how do they work out my van valuation?”. Well here at We Want Any Van, we use a combination of the industry's most trusted sources and databases, like the Parkers van guide as well as our expertise, to keep the prices provided by our valuation calculator right up-to-date.

Our van valuation calculator will give you a reliable price instantaneously. You can rest assured that you will be getting an accurate price for your van because we take into account industry dealers as well as private sales. Our valuation calculator is also regularly adjusted to account for fluctuations in market prices – so, you can always feel confident our calculator is giving you a fair and accurate price.

Factors that could increase or decrease your van's value

Sign writing

Sign writing is a great way to advertise your services as you’re driving around, but when it comes to selling your vehicle it might hamper the value. Your valuation will fall depending on the size of your van and how many man hours it’ll take to remove it. Even when the sign writing has been removed it may cost more to remove the ghosting left behind by the vinyl.

Van lining

Most vans are lined with ply when new, which provides protection to the panels of the van when goods are transit. The cost to put new lining in a van can range from £200-£700.

Van racking

Your van may contain racking, depending on what you’ve been using the vehicle for. This element can increase or decrease the value of your vehicle dependant on the quality and type of racking installed.

The colour makes a difference

White and silver vans are the most popular. Whereas more unconventional colours, like: green, yellow, orange and beige are less popular and so aren’t worth as much.

How to increase your van's value

One of the easiest things you can do to increase the value of your vehicle is to clean it thoroughly inside and outside. Try to fix or replace any minor elements which are not in a good working order or condition as well. A van with a full service history will be worth more than a van with only a partial service history. Make sure you have a valid MOT when selling your vehicle as this can also affect the overall valuation.

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